• Speciality Coffee
    and Organic teas
    Our house blend is totally Italian but every week
    we also offer lightly roasted, bright single origin coffees.
  • European cakes and pastries
    Every morning fresh warm pastries waiting for you at Cafe Dolce.
    For your wedding cake you have to give us at least two days
  • Paninis, Crepes, and more…
    Sweet and savory crepes prepered a'la carte,
    paninis with our homemade fresh bread.
Cafe, Tea

Cafe & Tea

We get our coffee twice a week from a local artisan roaster. Our espresso blend gives you a truly Italian experience but we also offer single Origin coffees. You can choose from various brewing methods to revive your coffee experience by our trained baristas.

Sweets, pastry


Our award winning pastry chef/owner skillfully prepers our entire daily selection. We only offer freshly made products without the use of preservatives.

Food, sandwitches


At Cafe Dolce you also have the option to taste some of our savory Crepes, specialty sandwiches and appetizers with quality in mind not quantity.

Drinks, beverages


Your choice, mango smoothie, iced coffee or organic juices?! We create delightful drinks you've been waiting for using mostly organic ingredients, farm milk and our filtered water.

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Mon - Fri   06:30 - 19:00
Saturday   07:00 -19:00
Sunday     08:00 - 17:00

345 Main ave
(203) 295-8468

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